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Institute for Global Integral Competence

Institute for Global Integral Competence

Next FUGIC-Event takes place from 25th-28th May in Slovenia!

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Our economic system and our organizations are challenged by wicked complexity.

HealthWe can all clearly see the limitations of our current organizational forms and economic principles. But how do we overcome these limitations? How do we move towards more flexible and global forms? How do we create integral and cosmopolitan wealth? How do we achieve benefits for people, planet and profit? How can we leverage the strengths of business to create disruptive innovations for global challenges? How do we move forward while integrating the best from the past? How can we practice cosmopolitan communication in a corporate boardroom, in a startup, in a central bank? Our integral wealth focus provides research, inquiry and learning into these questions.

Team: NN
Advisor: Sergej van Middendorp MBA, MA