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Institute for Global Integral Competence

Institute for Global Integral Competence

During the 1st Integral European Conference in Budapest (8-10 May) we had opportunities to present our work in a workshop and a short presentation on stage.

It was very special for us to present our work in front of the "audience of experts" of the integral map.We were very happy to see how the combination of theory and practice worked for the participantsin our workshop.It was wonderful to see how we learn better when we combine cognition (3rd person reality) and direct 
experience (1st person reality)and share this with others in small group exercises (2nd person reality).

Also, we made a lot of very interesting contacts with amazing people for further networking. Thank you for the organizers and for the beautiful city of Budapest.
Anna & Kazuma
Martin Bruders, Dr. Kazuma Matoba and Axel Perinchery listening to Ken Wilbers Videomessage
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