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Institute for Global Integral Competence

Institute for Global Integral Competence

Spirituality goes into the university!

There had been two weekend workshops in January and in July this year in the private university of Witten-Herdecke in Witten. The workshop under the title Transparent Communication was facilitated by the Institute for Global Integral Competence (IfGIC). Transparent communication is an attitude, a goal and a communication tool for more awareness and connectedness with and beyond the consciousness. It includes three perspectives of the intrapersonal (within a person=personal experiences, well-being und feelings), the interpersonal (between two persons on the level of the energetic interaction) and the transpersonal (above the two persons including the bigger system). The main focus of the workshop laid on practical exercises of those three dimensions. Through the exercises conducted frequently in a triad, the participants could not only learn intellectually about the transparent communication but also really feel and experience it as a personal experience.

The workshop was a part of the program called Studiumfundamentale, which comprises workshops with various topics open for all students regardless of the subject they study. There were 14 students in the first workshop in January and 32 in the second workshop in July. The students were on the one side open for exercises and on the other they were questioning the assumptions of the transparent communication. These combinations together with the personal experience lead to an interesting dialogue about spirituality. Moreover, there were many interesting reflections in the essays which needed to be written for getting the credit points afterwards.

In conclusion it can be said that there is a big interest and an open and healthy critical attitude in this university towards such workshops and getting trained in new form of communication to respond to the challenges of this century.

We are looking forward for more seminars to come!




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