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Institute for Global Integral Competence

Institute for Global Integral Competence

Listening to our bodies.

This colaboration started during the Forum in Munich. Kazuma and Marjeta offered the workshop "Developing Dialogic Competence through Listening to our Bodies" in Slovenia. About 30 professional dialogue facilitators from Germany, Slovenia, Austria, Croatia, UK, Belgium, Switzerland and USA developed their skill and competence to facilitate dialogue more deeply.

David Bohm introduced the term “PROPRIOCEPTION of thought” to refer to the possibility for thought to become aware of its own movements as well through direct perception.

Proprioception allows us to be aware of the impulse to move in the physical world: Bohm believed that the same principle could be developed in the mental world, so that we could become aware of feelings, percepts and thought arising (the prereflective) before these become crystalized and “certain”, the point at which they become more static and rigid and part of our identity—which we often spontaneously defend. William Isaacs focused more on improving our awareness of the results of our thoughts – in our feelings, perceptions and actions.  We want to play with Bohm’s ideas and expand on Isaacs’ idea by starting with the body and the prereflective.

Some questions that will guide our exploration:

When engaged in collective dialogic processes based on circle form (Bohmian dialogue process, the Way of Council, the Circle Way …), participants largely rely on the auditive, visual, cognitive and linguistic communication channels for receiving, delivering and processing information. More subtle forms of exchange (bodily perceptions, breathing, feelings, energy flow …) are often ignored as a result of Western cultural conditioning that favours linear, rational line of exchange.  Searching for a balance between the two, in this experiential workshop, we will focus on strengthening the former (feelings, percepts, proprioception, exteroception, breathing, images).

The workshop will be highly experiential, offering space for:

For whom:
The workshop is intended for experienced facilitators of circle-based group dialogue practices such as Bohmian dialogue process, the Circle Way, the Way of Council, indigenous circle practices. The workshop is limited to 24 participants.


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