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Institute for Global Integral Competence

Institute for Global Integral Competence

Intercultural Leadership Training in Paeroha.

The Leadership Training was designed to help young adults develop in a holistic manner, with the intent to promote youth intrapersonal and interpersonal skills, to foster their sense of social responsibility and to broaden their international perspective. The program has five prominent features including holistic development; process-orientation; interactive and collegial learning environment; intercommunity and interdisciplinary learning and development; and a “think globally, act locally” mindset. With multiple components (e.g. presentations, workshops, sports and cultural activities, this program covers a wide array of activities in St. Heliers Auckland and in Paeroa. Despite offering different programming content, all programs were required to provide youth with leadership opportunities.

Our youth leadership program offered young people supports and opportunities to participate actively in the planning, decision-making, and implementation of the programme in which they participate, and engage in frequent and regular contact with adults who model responsible behavior, and provide ongoing validation and support for youth’s active involvement. Skills such as brainstorming, decision-making, setting goals, and working with others were frequently taught. Experiential learning, or learning by doing, also was thought to be an important element of leadership development. This kind of learning blends participation in the experience with opportunities to share, discuss, process relevant thoughts and feelings, generalise these into principles and guidelines for living (i.e., life skills), and apply what has been learned to other situations. Youth involved in our leadership programme generally found their experiences to be very rewarding. When asked to retrospectively report on their participation in the programme, a large majority felt safe, involved, supported by the staff and stimulated by the activities. Available evaluation forms have demonstrated that this programme produced significant benefits to our youth participants.

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