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Institute for Global Integral Competence

Institute for Global Integral Competence

Discovering Cosmopolitan Communication!: Crossover dialogue between past and future / theory and practice / west and east

The 3rd FUGIC Forum took place from September 17th-20th 2015 in Munich, the largest city of Bavaria. Uniting four outstanding institutes we were able to gather many inspiring speakers, lectures, researchers and practitioners so we can together discover the “Cosmopolitan Communication” in a Crossover dialogue between past and future, theory and practice, west and east.

Throughout the days we prepared a balanced mixture of workshops, activities and lectures that give us inspiration to explore, experience and co-create the new way of Communication.

Vision: Communication theory and practice since its beginnings have tried to develop and improve our communication skills from what Barnett Pearce called in sequence from "ethnocentric" to "modernistic" communication. Educators, trainers and researchers have spent much time and energy developing communicative competence for children, students, business people, and people in conflict areas. However, there are still many problems concerning global issues in the world (ex. ethnic and religious conflict, business and political tensions, migration, global leadership crisis etc.). These problems cannot be solved alone by competent interpersonal-/intercultural-/organizational communication that is only concerned with a part of this complex whole of our increasingly globalized world. In this Forum we will attempt to take another step forward into the next level of communication and explore what Pearce (1989, 2007) called "cosmopolitan communication".

Goal: There are many post-modern ‘design communication’ (cf. Jenlink 2008) which enables humans to transcend exiting systems through communicative and emancipatory action, ex. Non-violent communication, Open space technology, World café, Dialogue process, Coordinate Management of Meaning, Tranparent Communication etc. But there is no significant interdisciplinary researches which show us evolutional process of communication promoted by this design communication. 

In this Forum all participants can understand and experience the concept of CC individually and know that CC can be applied to our social reality – health, wealth and peace.