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Institute for Global Integral Competence

Institute for Global Integral Competence

When Individuality acknowledges Wholeness: Dialogue in the realms of Ecstasy, Awe and Creativity.  

The core of this three-day workshop is an invitation to dialogue with Wholeness, to listen closely to the field that is created by our group and our environment, and to enter into its language of non-linear, non-temporal, and multi-sensory communications. How can we empathize with & understand perspectives beyond the human framework? 
If, as Einstein said, we cannot solve problems with the same level of thinking that creates them, then perhaps hope for our planet lies in the realm outside our normal understanding and expression.

In our three days, we will use interpersonal, transpersonal and collective dialogue to explore:

- What else is present when individuals gather to dialogue?  
- How can we sense and communicate about the information in the space between us?
- How to find and cross the threshold between part/Whole, known/unknown
- In what language does Wholeness “speak?”  
- Can we learn to speak back to it in something like its own language?
- What does our Individuality need from Wholeness?  
- Do we cast projections onto it that keep us/it separate, and how can we drop those projections?
- What are the goals of this kind of meeting?  
- Can healing happen here?  
- Who or what are we seeking to benefit?
- How as facilitators do we hold space for something beyond current understanding to participate in our dialogues?  

The format:
The workshop will include 1) group sharing circles, 2) facilitated experiments in non-verbal expression (i.e. music, sound, movement, art), 3) co-created rituals of “representational dialogue” where non-personal sources of information (i.e. Nature) are given expression through us. 4) Opportunities for facilitators in the group to step forward and co-facilitate certain segments.

We will present a structure for this dialogue, and we will also stay humble and open to what emerges in the group field in case Wholeness asks us to adapt our structure.

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